Lifestyle Management should always provide value to the client. Value as a cost, and value as a time saving service.

Time and Money

Lifestyle Management should always provide value to the client. Value as a cost, and value as a time saving service.


I get the question all the time…’What exactly is it that your company does?’

The answer is simple to say, but explaining the answer is a little more difficult.

The simple answer, we are a lifestyle management company. We do anything you need us to do to save you time. The reason it is so difficult to explain is that everyone’s needs are different. Everyone places value on different things and everyone does not value their time the same (although everyone wishes they had more of it). So, we set out to help those who value their time and need help getting it back while ensuring we provide a financial value as well.

If I said we could help you with your home, office, or short-term rental cleaning and janitorial needs, that would not appeal to everyone, thus not having value to those not interested in that service. I could say we will walk your pet or pet sit while you are on vacation, again, this only appeals to some. We can have a private chef cook your meals when friends and family visit, manage and pay all your home services, book your reservations, pick up your dry cleaning, make sure your fridge is stocked with essentials, provide you with personal travel, keep your vehicles maintenance up to date, and the list goes on and on. We can and will do all of those for you, but which of them provides the most value for your time and money?

To come up with a great answer, I am going to start with why we started Portier Services. We wanted to help people save their valuable time by having a single, trusted contact to conduct any request they need. We set to create value by allowing you to have more free time to be with those who need you, doing what it is you love. We want our clients to have peace of mind knowing the tedious tasks are done to their expectations without them having to do the tasks themselves.

The biggest question any potential client needs to answer is ‘How much is my time worth?’. From there, they would need to figure out what can be delegated to us and compare that to our available monthly packages to see if what we offer provide enough value.

We created three different monthly plans that allow clients to choose the amount of time that we will work to save time for them. Premier, World Class and Elite. Premier offer 8 hours, World Class offer 16 hours, and Elite offer 28 hours per month. These hours can be scheduled for us to do anything you need done to make your to-do lists more manageable. There are additional added-value tasks we provide to our monthly memberships like booking restaurants, hotels, tee times, etc., sourcing and vetting service providers for your home maintenance needs and making sure it all goes smoothly.

The next time I get asked that question, I will respond with ‘We are a lifestyle management company that provides our clients with one contact to complete all of your tasks to save you time while providing value for our clients.’

If you are interested in learning more about Portier Services and how we can provide you with value, please call 904-203-8343, or visit our services page at

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