About Us

It all started with a need to balance a demanding work schedule with all the nuances of life and trying to keep them in perfect harmony. With the ever-growing demand of our responsibilities at work and at home, it is hard to keep everyone that relies on us happy. After recently getting married and not making it home on time to see my wife before she went to sleep, I had to make some tough decisions regarding how I was prioritizing work and life. On top of that, the pandemic seemed to add more and more onto my already jam-packed workload. 

Enough was enough.

I set out to create a way for busy people to save precious time without sacrificing your personal or business relationships. Whether we save you a few extra hours to spend with your family, entertain friends, or binge watch the next season of your favorite show, every hour saved and spent doing what you want is more valuable than anything. We strive to help you be physically and mentally in the moment without being bogged down. 

Imagine being able to disconnect completely and have a conversation with your significant other without distractions from work or looming tasks. Imagine not missing another big moment with your family. Can you already feel the weight being lifted from your shoulders?

Go from stressed to success.


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Our fully vetted and insured concierge professionals will be at the ready to assist you with anything, anytime, anywhere.

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