Managed Home Services is a new package available for all clients with a monthly membership and available as a stand-alone package.

This package will help you reclaim your freedom by removing stress and tasks from your routine.

The stand-alone price is $89 a month plus the cost of  vendors. The monthly price is waived with any membership package, vendor costs still apply.

We will schedule, manage, follow up, and we will even pay for the services and bill you once monthly for all of the following services performed:

  • Lawn care and maintenance

  • House cleaning and janitorial services with bi-annual deep cleaning

  • Pool cleaning

  • Interior and exterior light bulb replacement

  • Monthly filter changes (HVAC, refrigerator, etc.)

  • Quarterly window cleaning (outside windows and frames)

  • Bi annual pressure washing service

  • Bi annual sprinkler inspection and repair

  • Yearly carpet and tile deep cleaning

  • Yearly HVAC preventative maintenance inspection

  • Yearly pool/spa equipment inspection

  • Other services available upon request, and we are added more on a regular basis


So, you still may be asking yourself what is the benefit? Although there are many, we want to provide you with a hands-off approach to have your home services completed without worry. If you do not like the work of a vendor, no need to spend your time searching, one call to us and we will terminate the current vendor and add a new one. No more having to remember when to pay each vendor, we will pay them on your behalf, and bill you once per month (we do have retainer options available). With our preventative maintenance inspections and monthly filter changes, we help reduce issues with your home equipment and keep it running efficiently, helping avoid costly repairs, and downtime.

Now the only question is, ‘What are you waiting for?’. Call us at 904-203-8343 to get set up.


Reclaim your freedom!


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