It’s 2021 and everything that can be done has been done before. Just in the past year (as of writing this) we have launched and landed a rover on Mars, expedited a vaccine to millions of people, and 130,000+ people signed a petition to rename Columbus, Ohio ‘Flavortown’ in honor of Guy Fieri. We have done and seen it all. But that does not mean we can’t do it all again, but this time better.

We are reinventing the way you view concierge services, and we are doing it better! Typically, most people think of a concierge as an attendant at a hotel to make reservations for you or recommend something to do during your stay. In other countries, concierges are known as a caretaker of an apartment complex or small hotels.

Well, it is now 2021. You are no longer limited to having the benefits of a concierge service only at hotels or apartment complexes. As well, a concierge does so much more than being a caretaker or providing you with reservations and recommendations. Today, we offer a potentially endless list of services (check out our services page to see our most common).

Our concierges will be there for you when you need us for anything you need. We offer services for everyone including all family sizes, apartments, hotels, businesses, and everything in between.

To get started, simply email or call us. We will gather all the necessary information and start to formulate a plan to help you navigate the struggles of balancing work and life. We will start by scheduling tasks that can be done on a recurring basis. These tasks typically consist of washing your vehicles, stocking your groceries, scheduling a barber to come to you, picking up and dropping off dry cleaning, and so much more. We will get everything on a schedule that suits your needs.

After we get all the recurring items out of the way, we then provide you with all the contact information you will need to get a hold of us for anything that you would like. That can be anything from planning parties, setting up a private chef, property management, pet sitting, private transportation, and more. We have also set up a network of local companies to help assist in anything that we cannot handle, from gluten-free sweets for your birthday party to custom earrings made for your special night. We are here to help you reclaim your freedom and remove your stress while doing it.

Email or call us today to get started. Our professional concierges will gladly assist you with anything you need for years to come.


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